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    Capgemini announced the opening of a 5G Solutions Center, first in North America, at San Francisco to help organizations innovate with 5G and Edge technologies. The center will support Network Equipment Providers (NEPs), Communication Services Providers (CSPs), enterprises, and industrial players to accelerate their deployment of next-generation services and solutions and monetize what 5G can bring to their business.

    Q1(Jan-Feb-Mar), 2023

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    Cyient and iBASEt Inaugurate Center of Excellence (CoE) to Drive Digital Innovation in Aerospace and Heavy Equipment Industries.

    Q1(Jan-Feb-Mar), 2023

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    LTTS has inaugurated two new design and prototyping centres in Peoria, Illinois, US, and is planning to hire more than 500 engineers over the next 36 months as part of the planned expansion. The new centers- 1DigitalPlace and Electrification & Prototyping

    Q4(Oct-Nov-Dec), 2022

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    TCS is launching an advanced research and innovation hub in Hyderabad, for incubating digital solutions for CPG companies, using SAP solutions. The TCS CPG Innovation Hub will address industry-specific use cases around Industry 4.0 and the digital supply chain.

    Q3(Jul-Aug-Sep), 2022

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