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    To enhance its EV ecosystem and expand its B2B opportunities, Foxconn is setting up a passenger car R&D centre in Detroit, Michigan.

    Q3(Jul-Aug-Sep), 2022

Other News

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    Chinese Carmaker Geely Acquires Smartphone Brand Meizu.

    Q3(Jul-Aug-Sep), 2022

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    Amazon to acquire iRobot for $1.7 Billion

    Q3(Jul-Aug-Sep), 2022

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    TikTok?s parent company, ByteDance acquired one of China?s largest private hospital chains ? Amcare Healthcare - for $1.5B!

    Q3(Jul-Aug-Sep), 2022

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    Zomato appoints four CEOs, to change name to Eternal. Foru businesses are Zomato, Blinkit, Hyperpure, Feeding India.

    Q3(Jul-Aug-Sep), 2022

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    Elon Musk buying Twitter for $44 Billion.

    Q2(Apr-May-Jun), 2022


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