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EIIR Provider Solutions/Capabalities

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    Expleo and The HARTING Technology Group concluded a cooperation agreement in the area of data-controlled services and IoT solutions for industrial customers. HARTING is offering the modular edge computing MICA, which has been designed according to industrial standards for multiple industrial applications, and Expleo is contributing its know-how in connectivity and data-scientific competence.

    Q1(Jan-feb-Mar), 2021

EIIR Buyer GIC/R&D Best Practices/Solutions

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    Nokia launches first off-the-shelf, mission-critical Industrial Edge to accelerate the enterprise journey to Industry 4.0

    Q4, 2021

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    Sequans Communications, leading developer and provider of 5G and 4G solutions for broadband, critical, and massive IoT, has established a new RD center in Salo, Finland, the purpose of which is to support Sequans core development work on 5G and 4G IoT semiconductor solutions.

    Q1(Jan-feb-Mar), 2021

Other News

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    Signify expands offering for smart cities by acquiring Telensa. Signify adds a narrow-band and TALQ-compliant solution which will enable Signify to service a broader group of customers utilizing the unlicensed radio space.

    Q3(Jul-Aug-Sep), 2021

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    Open Manufacturing Platform is launched with BMW, ZF, Bosch, Microsoft, and AB-InBev as founding members. First working groups created: IoT Connectivity, Semantic Data Model, Industrial IoT Reference Architecture, Core Services for Autonomous Transport Systems

    Q1(Jan-feb-Mar), 2021

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    Nokia enables China Mobile with enterprise IoT connectivity globally.

    Q4(Oct-Nov-Dec), 2020


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