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    ABB Ability Genix Datalyzer is a cloud-based data analytics solution for fleet-wide management and optimization of emissions monitoring equipment in highly regulated industries like cement, steel, chemicals and power generation The new solution pre-empts plant failure and helps achieve emissions compliance, improving plant uptime and process safety

    Q4, 2021

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    Altair's Toggled Launches Toggled iQ Smart Building Control Solutions for Sustainable Operations

    Q4, 2021

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    Ansys Will Transform Metal Stamping Through Launch of Ansys Forming

    Q4, 2021

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    Hexagon democratises engineering simulation further with first Image-recognition AI for Computer-Aided Engineering. ODYSSEE A-Eye offers non-experts access to powerful digital twins through AI applications that require less input data and can read images to predict behaviour

    Q4, 2021

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    HERE announced the launch of the HERE ISA Map, delivering vehicle systems and drivers fresh and accurate speed limit information on any road. The HERE ISA Map was designed for automakers to comply with requirements under the European Union’s (EU) new Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) regulation aimed at road safety and reducing Co2 emissions.

    Q4, 2021

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    PTC Introduces Thingworx Digital Performance Management Solution to drive manufacturing efficiency. This is closed loop IIoT solution

    Q4, 2021

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    The launch of ABB Ability Genix Asset Performance Management Suite brings next-generation AI-based predictive maintenance, asset reliability and integrity insights to process and utility industries

    Q4, 2021

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    Rockwell Automation announced new investments to enhance its cybersecurity offering, . These initiatives include strategic partnerships with Dragos and CrowdStrike, as well as the establishment of a new Cybersecurity Operations Center in Israel.

    Q4, 2021

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    Plex Systems Launches Production Monitoring to Help Manufacturers Gain Plant Floor Visibility

    Q4, 2021

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    Rockwell Automation Introduces New Remote Access Solution. New solution allows OEMs to troubleshoot equipment from anywhere and reduce customer downtime

    Q4, 2021

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    AVEVA’s New Vision AI Assistant Dynamically Transforms Existing Image Feeds Into Actionable Industrial Insights

    Q4, 2021

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    Siemens adds NVH system prediction capabilities to Simcenter portfolio for early design and virtual prototyping

    Q4, 2021

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    Hexagon closes CNC machinery “OEE gap” by connecting shop floors to cloud-native asset management and reporting

    Q4, 2021

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